Practical Gifts



By taking part in the WORKAID Practical Gifts Campaign you can make a real contribution to helping somone work their way out of poverty. Click HERE to download a GiftAid form and help change somone's life for the better.

We are committed to tackling poverty in a practical way by helping disadvantaged people in East Africa, and in the UK, to help themselves through practical skills training.

We do this by providing refurbished tools and equipment to vocational training projects. Here people learn skills and trades which enable them to work their way out of poverty through their own efforts.

Click this link to see a video of how our vision is put into practice

“It is not like giving food. If you  give food you take away their dignity. If you give people a tool you give them dignity, personality and pride”

(Her Excellency Mrs. Mwanaidi Sinare Maajar, Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania to the United States).

All the equipment we supply is donated to us by the public. Collected from all over the country by volunteers, it is brought back to our workshop in Chesham, to be refurbished by a team of dedicated volunteers. Any items which are surplus or unsuitable for sending  overseas can be sold in theWORKAID SHOP to help fund our work.

Practical Gifts may be purchased by completing the attached form and sending it to Workaid.