WORKAID is a charity, headquartered in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, which collects unwanted tools and equipment from across the country, refurbishes them and distributes them to people in need to help them to earn a living. 

At WORKAID, we are committed to tackling poverty in a practical way by helping disadvantaged people in East Africa, and in the UK, to help themselves through practical skills training.

Unwanted tools and equipment are collected from all over the UK and refurbished by a team of dedicated volunteers at the WORKAID workshop.

The refurbished tools are then sent to vocational training projects where they help vulnerable and disadvantaged people to learn trade skills and start their own businesses.

Each year, WORKAID helps over 8,000 people to break the cycle of poverty and rebuild their lives. We assist projects working with orphans, street children, unemployed teenagers, disabled people, people living with HIV/AIDS, widows and refugees.

By working with carefully monitored projects we are able to make a difference to individuals and families and help communities to build a brighter future together.

If you would like to read a more detailed account of what WORKAID does please click on the link below.

Key Facts 2014/15

History in brief

The 1980's saw one of the worst humanitarian disasters of the 20th century. In 1984, famine in Ethiopia left over 1 million people dead and a further 8 million at risk of starvation. (Source BBC) 


Our Workshop

A few years ago, WORKAID moved in to a large warehouse/workshop which was formerly a boot and shoe factory in Chesham.  Beside the workshop, we have a shop from which we sell some haberdashery provisions and a number of tools which are either unsuitable for shipping to the projects we support or from which we can make higher value earnings to cover our shipping costs.  To find our premises, click here.


Last year we shipped eight containers to Africa, two each to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.  The overall shipping cost to get each container to Africa approaches £10k so we are continually seeking funds to fulfil our purpose.

Fundraising seeks donations from individuals, from Trusts, from other funding bodies and from sales of tools through our shop at events such as steam and vintage car ralleys and through ebay.


This is a workshop in an organisation called "SCIM Brothers Carpentry School" in Tanzania. In 2012, Workaid delivered 19 banana boxes full of carpentry tools to help them build greater training capacity.

...and as the school widens its capability, Workaid is there to support with a broader range of tools and equipment.


The WORKAID Workshop